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why money money money ?money !why ?do we really need money ?

how many people are burdened of money . without money can't we live a life full of happiness you know money is not a natural thing ,
i find out that money is one of the most popular words that used on ted..compared to money .i am more about to talk about the nature or enery


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    Oct 1 2012: "how many people are burdened of money ."

    none, actually. all the things you attribute to money is actually not related to money at all. money is just a mean to calculate the relative scarcity of goods. if your life is too much determined by money, in fact it is determined by getting scarce resources. if you get rid of money, you don't get rid of the problem, if there is any. there still will be scarce goods, and those goods have to be distributed somehow.

    so in short, anyone blaming money for anything can't see the forest for the trees. either think one step ahead, or stop thinking altogether, because shallow thinking does not lead anywhere.
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      Oct 1 2012: What Krisztian says is IMHO totally right.
      People with no money might look for it. Buy a big car, fancy watch, Armani jeans and so forth.
      But people with lots of money realize money was "cool" up to a certain point. Check Maslow's pyramid, you need something else once money is out of the happiness equation because you have enough of it.
      And yes, I firmly believe you can be happy with little money, provided you do what you love.
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        Oct 2 2012: So Bruno, if I understand what you're saying, using money to satisfy higher level needs - nonphysical needs - is a misdirection of energy. Would you agree that money, used to satisfy survival needs - Maslow's first two levels - is appropriate?
        I would argue that those lower level needs are really human rights, and should be guaranteed to all humans.
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          Oct 2 2012: The two lower level survival and safety needs of Maslow's hierarchy were never guaranteed to any living human being until mankind himself made them a "moral" guarantee. Prior to that, when you were born, you hoped your "parents" provided for you long enough so you could acquire the skills to provide for your own survival and security. Then you went out into the world and tried to do that. If you succeeded, you lived to pass your genes on to the next generation. If you didn't, oh well.

          Man himself established the idea of Human Rights. Prior to money, if the society believed in that concept, all the resources were shared amongst everybody...at least to the level of ensuring everyone as a MINIMUM met their survival and security needs. But even then, the distribition was not totally equal. Some got "more" while others got "less". Yet even THEN, some Humans violated that "ideal" concept, and acted in ways to plunder other Men to take away ALL of their resources.

          Money is just a tool. It is used to keep score. Whether or not Man himself wants to abide by any Human Rights ideals will be up to Man, regardless of the tool used to keep score. Krisztian and Bruno got it right.
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          Oct 2 2012: hello Rick Ryan
          do you think that we huamn beings will get the equal goods more or less in the final ?
          and i agree with you ,that most people are born and be the owner of how much they will have because of their parents at least in china >
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          Oct 2 2012: No Jeff,
          I cited Maslow's pyramid just as an example. Money in that case would be a tool like Ryan said to achieve a goal (which is something else than money)
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          Oct 2 2012: hello Bruno
          I dont totally agree with you . you know some people are quiet while some people are much louder .there is something strange
          i dont know weather you know or not ..after the ww2 Germany had a rapid development ..one of the reason is that german are hardworking and have the spirit of donate..so it is an except of the pyramid.
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          Oct 4 2012: just think of the pyramidal scheme but as a flat one where the top moves arround freely on the base depending of what zone of the base is more hard working and wealthy so we all are the pyramid becouse we come from the base and grow up with the help of the others so the base is nature than human kind and than there can be a lot of pyramid tops moving arround but always one will be the higher in value of the effort of the community that is "beneath" so does not matter where you are from becouse we all achieved our goal together. Is a matter of perception of the results human kind have but also the damages that makes to the base which is our Earth.
          See also my post here. Read also this becouse with my idea the name of the currency does not have any importance but the value of the community effort that use it to circulate that currency. So the currency can be also just of group of 10 people that work hard then they unite the effort with other 15 that also have another value of their effort so we in some way measure the value of our effort as the others see it and appreciate it becouse they need it and use it. http://www.ted.com/conversations/14070/goods_and_services_exchange_wi.html

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