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why money money money ?money !why ?do we really need money ?

how many people are burdened of money . without money can't we live a life full of happiness you know money is not a natural thing ,
i find out that money is one of the most popular words that used on ted..compared to money .i am more about to talk about the nature or enery


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    Oct 1 2012: Money is the meduim of exchange; it's all about the value that is in the paper. It is what we pay for goods and services, that is why we can not do without it in the current economic system.
    I think the major problem we face as humanity is our effort to make more money by any means. When the acquisition of wealth becomes an obsession, it brings out the worst in human beings. Such a person hurts himself or herself, and also hurts other people.

    Chen, even the issue of nature and energy that you mentioned are connected to the money issue. Becasue if industries and nations are not so concerned with monetary gains (as top priority), they would take the issue of environmental degradation seriously.
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        Josh S

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        Oct 1 2012: 1st point- there's no such thing as unlimited wealth because theres a limit to goods and because of that, a limit on wealth and because of that, a limit on power

        2nd point- you just supported what Anjorin said... read AND understand what they say before you critisize
      • Oct 1 2012: Unlimited wealth is impossible on physical grounds, but that's not really the point, you can still have so much wealth compared to someone else that it might as well be infinite (giving you near infinite power).

        It is a mistake to think that money can be decoupled from power. Money is not just a medium of exchange, it's also a medium of power, always has been and always will be because the size of your share of the money pie is proportional to the size of the resource (wealth) pie you could in theory acquire using your money. If you control 50% of the money you may own only 1% of the resources but you could at any point decide to flood the market with your money and acquire 50% of the resources, and that's power (even the mere possibility of you being able to pull off something like that is a source of power in itself).
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      Oct 2 2012: Thought experiment: IF human survival needs - those two lower levels of Maslow's hierarchy - were assured for every human, what would that do to greed and avarice? I contend that MOST folk, if they had their survival needs met, would not succumb to greed.
      Greed and the pursuit of money, I would argue, is a function of a scarcity model of economics. The 500+ year old economic system we live with no longer serves human needs. It requires a major make-over.
      Let's start by examining how we determine who gets to claim the results of increased productivity.
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        Oct 2 2012: i totally agree with you at this point .most of us can have our survival meet .why would we purauit much more if so ..then it has turn into greed .then something bad will happen ..just as i said above
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          Oct 3 2012: Many think the Holy Bible teaches that money is evil. What the Holy Bible actually says is quite different, QUOTE: "They that will be rich fall into temptation and a snare, and into many foolish and hurtful lusts, which drown men in destruction and perdition. For the LOVE [my emphasis] of money is the root of all evil:. . . " I Timothy 6:9, 10 (KJV).
          As you say, Mr. Xin, "something bad" happens when people become driven by their LOVE for money. Thank you!

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