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Is there a biological basis of ego and anger?

Recent evidence from neurobiological research has shown that von Economo Neurons (VENs) in the frontol cortex of brain may be a seat of awareness, consciousness and self. Is it possible to extend this concept to ego and anger?

A small article http://www.nariphaltan.org/ego.pdf shows how it is possible.

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    Nov 1 2012: Ahh, I see that you are the author of this "small article."
    I will have to read it carefully and then comment more thoughtfully.
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      Nov 1 2012: Thanks. Looking forward to hearing from you.
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      Nov 1 2012: Thanks for the "heads-up" Theo. This is very useful.
      I don't think the VENs are directly associated with anger.
      For my model, anger has to have an evolutionary significance - therefore must be a response to anything that reduces the field of agency in an organism. E.G. if something tries to eat you, your potential agency will become suddenly narrowed - producing a requirement for instant assertion of whatever potential advantage remained = strongly selective behaviour in the win/lose context. This would extrapolate to any incursion on potential agency - e.g. people will fight for "freedom" if they get the opportunity (potential advantage).

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