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Is there a biological basis of ego and anger?

Recent evidence from neurobiological research has shown that von Economo Neurons (VENs) in the frontol cortex of brain may be a seat of awareness, consciousness and self. Is it possible to extend this concept to ego and anger?

A small article http://www.nariphaltan.org/ego.pdf shows how it is possible.

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  • Oct 1 2012: Interesting. However...

    I feel uneasy to accept that one neuron type is responsible for complex constructs such as ego and anger. It's in fact the extremely intricate connections between different neurons, of differing parts of the brain, that enable thought.

    Keep in mind that more that 90% of all neurons are multi-polar (such as vENs), and that more than 95% of those fall into the category of "interneurons"(neurons that connect with other neurons, rather than a different cell type). Therefore this morphological trait can't be really be considered as an argument that helps the theory that vENs are the bearers of ego.

    This is why modern neuroscience has difficulty pinpointing the functions of even entire areas of the brain and it's especially true for the Limbic system and cortex cerebri. Advanced cognitive abilities (such as ego and anger) are particularly problematic to localize.

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