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is democracy giving everyone the rights to say or do anything whether it is harmful or not?

It has become widespread recently that people or groups of people use democracy as a channel through which they can intimidate, insult and harm others given it names such as freedom of expression, freedom of media.


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  • Oct 30 2012: Common sence would say no, but since common sence isn't common anymore I'm left wondering weather you mean harmful of hurtful, physicaly or emotionaly and to dig deeper to ones self or others.

    Everyone has their own set of morals the assumption that everyone is born knowing the differance between right and wrong is just absurd to say the least. The question you asked can not be answered in any simple matter really, but rather the real question should be "Are our growing amount of laws leading people to abandon humanity in serach of loopholes to profit from the pain and sufferin (either physicaly or emotionally) of thoes we deem to be of no consequence?"

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