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what is the relationship between the weather and human beings behavior ?

after a period of observation ..i think there must be a relationship between the weather and human beings behavior .i find out some people like to sleep during a rain .and also when the degrees go down .they do not like move ..what do you think of it ?and how do you explain your phenomenon?

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    Oct 6 2012: 冬季是我总是很好的。 我们也可以节省很多钱的电费。

    The winter season is always nice for me. We also save much money on electricity.
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    Oct 6 2012: Chien, 您好展。 我想要学习中文。我需要您的帮助。
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    Oct 4 2012: 一个行为我注意到的是,人们倾向于留在室内,更经常在冬季比夏季。 我还注意到,下雨时,他们倾向于寻找一个庇护工场环境。

    One behavior I noticed is that people tend to stay indoors more often in the winter than the summer.

    I also notice that when it rains, they tend to seek a sheltered environment.
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    Oct 1 2012: I do not know is it scientifically proved or not but what I have observed is that people get more angry in summer instead of winter.
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      Oct 1 2012: thank you for you reply
      i agree with you .but my question is when we get more energy should we have more activity or less ? and why
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        Oct 1 2012: Sorry for being misunderstood... what energy are you talking about which we get from sun or the metabolism??
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          Oct 1 2012: it doesnt matter . i think i am saying about metabolism exactly both two>