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Is fighting climate change a losing battle?

Climate change is and will impact us all. As alluded to, there are many countries who unfortunately stand to make very substantial financial gains from this.

What is likely to be the most successful way of fighting this battle? Who is likely to make the biggest impact - our fellow citizens or our Governments?


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    Oct 3 2012: i think so
    i do think the nature has itself adjusted system . we shouldn't do much about it . what we should do is reduce our waste . and live a natural life .
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      Oct 7 2012: I think reducing waste will have a huge difference on the planet, especially plastic, and I want to believe that nature and mother Earth will look after herself but I think we are advancing and growing at such a rate that even nature will have trouble adapting and mother Earth will be drastic with her response. More unpredictable weather (flooding and typhoons) and more natural disasters are the only thing that will save Earth and (a reduced population of) the Human race.

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