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Is fighting climate change a losing battle?

Climate change is and will impact us all. As alluded to, there are many countries who unfortunately stand to make very substantial financial gains from this.

What is likely to be the most successful way of fighting this battle? Who is likely to make the biggest impact - our fellow citizens or our Governments?


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  • Oct 3 2012: @ Eduardo Jezierski

    Calling me names and insulting me is par for the course for far left smear merchants.

    Everything you've written is pure leftist propaganda. The US Govt has spent close to $60Billion on this bogus research in the last 4 years alone. Your so called experts aren't practicing science, they're practicing grantsmanship.

    You claim my graph is bogus. It was created by Dr. Willie Soon at Harvard. SInce you say it's bogus, try explaining how temperatures were able to go down consistently from the 1940's through the mid 1970's, when CO2 content in the atmosphere was rising so rapidly at that time. Your entire BS story is based on the relationship between temperature change and CO2 levels in the period from the mid 1970's to about 1998. That's pretty thin evidence.

    Before there was this: http://www.swemson.com/upl/Warming.jpg

    There was this: http://www.swemson.com/upl/Cooling.jpg

    Go to the archives of the NY Times online and do a simple search on headlines about climate change. You'll see the same lies being repeated since the newspaper began: Save yourself the trouble, & see it here:


    Anyone wanting proof that CO2 is not a pollutant should watch the following short time lapse video showing the effect of increased CO2 on plant growth


    Do you know what happened to Al Gore's Sci Fi Horror Fantasy film in the UK, when they started showing it in public schools? It got busted for violating a UK law prohibiting the political indoctrination of children in their public schools. You can read all about Al Gore's lies and exaggerations here:


    The author of the report offered to put up a $1 Million prize if Al Gore would debate him on the subject in public. Gore's been hiding under his desk ever since. Your scam is over. The truth always comes out in the end.

    • Oct 6 2012: You're wasting your time here F. Swemson. This is not some tabloid news site. TEDsters are smart enough to spot a paid fossil fuel troll.

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