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Is fighting climate change a losing battle?

Climate change is and will impact us all. As alluded to, there are many countries who unfortunately stand to make very substantial financial gains from this.

What is likely to be the most successful way of fighting this battle? Who is likely to make the biggest impact - our fellow citizens or our Governments?


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  • Oct 1 2012: The problem is that humans have adpted to wasteful use of anything. As a person, I leave my windows open during the summer and winter time until it becomes unberable. This summer I only used my AC unit three times. In winter we sleep with the heater at 60 and during the day time we try to not have it higher than 68. We wear sweaters and carry a blanket, but we think that the money we save on energy is also resources we save for the planet.
    At my work place however, my coworkers think that blasting the AC is a better option than opening the windows even on a nice day outside. I sometimes had to wear a sweater at my desk, one of my coworkers brings a heater to warm herself when the AC temperature is too low. In winter we usually do the opposite and need fans and personal cooling systems to keep a comfortable temperature.
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      Oct 1 2012: What you have just described is a clear example, that unless the majority of people work together on the changes necessary, then our efforts as an individual will struggle to make the difference. Unfortunately, I feel that only the minority of people try their hardest to reduce emissions and who are even really paying attention to the current climate issues. The threat of 'Global Warming' has been pushed onto the public for so many years now (most of which has mostly been scaremongering), that they have just given in listening.
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        Oct 1 2012: Um i know it's off topic Meagan but is that a Falcon you have on your arm in your profile pix? is it endangered?
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          Oct 1 2012: It is a Harrier Hawk actually, an absolutely stunning bird! One of the best days of my life getting to hang out with him for an afternoon.

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