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Transparent Global Communication unite the internets and enable a new platform of effective dialogue for concerned citizens .

The misunderstandings rooted in cultural differences are a major obstacle to global success and world peace. Governments should allow and enable people to have a transparent effective communication platform. Do you agree with me and will you help me make this possible with the support of other members and the ted prize?

  • Oct 19 2012: In a forum similar to that of wikipedia, i would imagine developing ideas as subjects of discussion. Approval ratings for clarity and insightfulness would help elevate thinkers and focus on ideas that are exciting to minds searching for understanding. Perhaps a forum could be designed where the most controversial ideas could be debated in a setting emphasizing communication and new understanding, rather than confrontation.
    Even more, my dreams of world peace lead me to hope, seriously, that global society is now achievable. The competition between groups that is fueled by suspicion, fear and need may realisically be replaced by cooperation, when communication and understanding lead to shared visions of a path to a better future for all.
    Perhaps a global consensus forum could have seat at the UN, or indeed render it unnecessary. The promise of transparency as a way to feel that upper level decisions have been made with the best ideas available could inspire all citizens of earth. The competition of ideas, not humans, is our path to truth, peace, and progress (in my very often humbled opinion). Technology has given us the power to achieve this much more easily than ever before. Many specifics can be worked out, but the idea that it can work is the most urgent to me to investigate - as all humankind's achievements remain fragile in the violence of conflict.
    Can you imagine and design a forum for the practical achievement of your goal to eliminate misunderstandings rooted in cultural differences? Can you find a way around the fears it would promote in those who feel it would undermine their power or their heritage (their identity, uniqueness) ? I believe that a plan, conceived with specific methods for achieving this goal, would be worth any prize humankind could offer.