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What do you really want to do for a living?

Have you answered this question and enjoying your life, doing what you love?
Have you ever asked it yourself?
Do you have to be a school or university student in order to ask this question yourself?

And, most importantly, do you really know what you really wanna do for a living?

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    Oct 1 2012: When I was young and was in my fifth grade I want to be a pilot, doctor, barbar and actor at once but then these feelings were vanished do not know why but at the moment I want to be good human being and in future want to do something to change life of people(s) but currently I am trying to change my own life.
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    Oct 2 2012: Eat, drink, and be merry.
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    Oct 1 2012: Hi Azamat, I'm a filmmaker; and I love it. It's what I've always wanted to do; and it's what I'm doing now.
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      Oct 1 2012: That's really cooll!
      Would you help people if they wanted to know about filmmaking? Would you be some kind of guide and show how filmmakers work, where they work, what they do?
  • Sep 30 2012: I haven't found a way to be paid as a TED conversation commenter.....
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      Sep 30 2012: So, you really love being here :)... Nice!
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      Oct 1 2012: Are you saying you are a shill?
      • Oct 1 2012: No, a shill is trying to sell something. I am just opinionated! I think everyone is entitled to my opinion. ;-)
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      Oct 2 2012: Do you have a Paypal account?
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      Oct 9 2012: Sharon,
      I find this to be a little disturbing !
      Does this REALLY happen ?? pecuniary comments ?
  • Oct 29 2012: Aside from the obvious professions; the questions I'm more interested in answering are, "how can I be part of a system which rewards a Kenyan, Uzbequistani, or an American the same pay for an equal amount of toil," and "how can I be part of anything-but a fiat-currency system?"
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    Oct 3 2012: I think:
    Everyone lives instinctively for keeping one’s own DNA alive, although most people do not know consciously.
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      Oct 3 2012: Could you please explain your opinion more simply?
  • Oct 2 2012: I've been doing the same thing since I was a kid.

    I paint, draw, design, build, imagine, create, learn, discover. I love it. I do it everyday.

    I am still an kid.
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    Oct 2 2012: Azamat, I had three jobs in my life and retired from all three. I am currently retired .. I do not go to work and they pay me for not doing it. My schedule is six Saturdays and a Sunday. Not much opportunity for advancement but the boss and I are in total agreement.

    Wish I could have found this retirement job earlier.

    All the best. Bob.
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    Oct 1 2012: Hi, Azamat. For most of my career I have taught either adolescents or adults in several contexts, often several kinds of educational institutions simultaneously, which is precisely what I love best to do.

    You asked whether people ask this of themselves even if they are no longer students. The answer is certainly yes.

    One reason it is fruitful to continue to ask is that people often are in a position of needing or wanting to find new work or to take an entrepreneurial attitude about their current jobs to move their activities toward an emphasis on things they enjoy or having meaning to them.
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    Oct 1 2012: Design, and labor to build portable solar concentration devices.
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      Oct 1 2012: So, is this what you do or what you want to do?
  • Sep 30 2012: I have,

    what about you?

    what are the answers to your question? (if you have asked these questions to yourself)
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      Sep 30 2012: I used to be good at math, and the day I was choosing my major, my dad come and said: " You'll be a diplomat who represents our country the best way, you'll be a big man!". But, I was thingking of becoming a computer engineer... Well, that's how I started studying International Relations, ended up asking these questions myself in my late twenties...
      All I want to say is that, do what you love and be happy!

      ps: By the way, the very first semester I'd changed my major to Economics, because politics wasn't my thing...
      • Sep 30 2012: Azamat,

        you are asking questions or you are making statements?

        All I want to say is that, do what you love and be happy! - this is what you said:
        What do you really want to do for a living? - this is what you asked

        every 5 years humans change their interest, so when you are two you think education and sex. when you are 25 you think career, job, (maybe travelling if you are so adventurous) closing to 30 when you have seen something, achieved something, you change your thinking, in 30s (if you are still single) you start to think about your spirituality and human kind, and start to wonder why we are here.

        do you want to know what others did in these 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, be specific!

        when I was 28, I had a list of questions for me hanging on my wall, I had looked at them every morning I woke up , and thought about them during the day. when I turned 30, life changed completely. (wait and you will get there, meanwhile enjoy it before you get there)
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          Sep 30 2012: No, I have only one question:" Do you know what you really want to do for a living?"
          1. If NO, what are you doing about it?
          2. If YES, how did you do (find, understand) it?

          It = the thing (job) that you really love and want to do.

          About the ages, it doesn't really matter, people differ from each other...
      • Sep 30 2012: the age matters as at different age you really want different thing.

        JOB stands for Just Over Broke (if you are after that, that's fine, go for it)

        Most people have got their house contract written down, they healthcare insurance written down, but only few have got their GOALS written down.

        What do you really want? is one of the toughest question to answer.

        I want A
        I want B
        I want C

        I want J O B, (I want to be JUST OVER BROKE)

        which one of them inspire you most?

        where you see more fulfilling experience?

        find out all the routes that will take you there. (ask people who already have been there before you)
        are you ready to give up XYZ to achieve ABC?
        etc... I can ask millions of questions like that...

        but when it comes to HOW part...
        for every GOAL there are / may be many ways,

        If you have good enough reason (the WHY) you will find out the way (the HOW)
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          Sep 30 2012: Thanks a lot for your answer!

          And, so, what is it that you wanna do/doing for a living? And how do you know that it's it? Can you share your answer with us, well of course if you'd like to.
      • Sep 30 2012: have you been on my profile?

        It's written there

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          Sep 30 2012: I'm not interested in you, I'm interested in what people think, what they do, how they do...
      • Sep 30 2012: of course you are not :-)

        but what you are looking for is written on my (people's) profile:

        what we do, and how we do what we do, above all , why we do what we do
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          Sep 30 2012: All right, thanks! And, sorry, I wasn't being rude, I stated what I was after...