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existence of god (why religion is the answer)

today i had a conversation with a friend about religion ,god,quantum physics and forbidden archaeology .
the real question was ,does god exist ,if yes then why he created the universe ,was he bored ? religion can not give us satisfactory answer !
also religion is some thing very new , comparing it with human existence (forbidden archaeology) .
who created the universe ? is it better to believe that god created it instead of no one .(if we say god created it then the question is ,with what ?)

sorry for my english :(
one more thing ,please do some research on forbidden archaeology before replaying .


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  • Oct 9 2012: After reading all the comments ,i have a simple question should i live my life in a enjoyable way or should i start thinking about after life (if there is one ) and start praying to God?
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      Oct 11 2012: False dichotomy fazeel. You can enjoy sometimes and also think about life other times.

      And you don't need to involve imaginary gods to think about life, the universe' meaning, purpose, how to live a good life etc.
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        Oct 11 2012: god is a person that people imange which can reduce our pain .it says if we do good we will go to the heaven after we die .god bless you

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