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existence of god (why religion is the answer)

today i had a conversation with a friend about religion ,god,quantum physics and forbidden archaeology .
the real question was ,does god exist ,if yes then why he created the universe ,was he bored ? religion can not give us satisfactory answer !
also religion is some thing very new , comparing it with human existence (forbidden archaeology) .
who created the universe ? is it better to believe that god created it instead of no one .(if we say god created it then the question is ,with what ?)

sorry for my english :(
one more thing ,please do some research on forbidden archaeology before replaying .


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  • Oct 8 2012: "the real question was ,does god exist ,if yes then why he created the universe ,was he bored ?"
    This is a question that i feel we give too much thought to at times. If we assume that God does exist why would we question why he made the universe.
    Common assumptions about God are that he has reached a higher existence than us, to that effect it answers the question for us, in our everyday lives the mojority of us set out to achieve a greater understanding of a topic or master a new topic. even during infancy we have a natural desire to create and make things. Is it not a fair assumption that it would have been a "what will happen if i do this?" whim that created us.
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      Oct 9 2012: Dennis, we have no idea if there are gods. And if there are we have no idea what they are, what their intentions are, or anything much positive of definite about them.

      Why would it be a fair assumption to assume anything about them.

      It is all just baseless speculation, and in your example a slightly anthropomorphic projection.
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      Oct 9 2012: Dennis, why is that anthropomorphic assumption any better than any other guess?

      Any evidence? OR just speculation like all the other claims or guesses.
      • Oct 9 2012: Maybe i should have chosen my wording better, I was only meaning to give my opinion and felt as the question related to god and if he exists then I would use what little I know of a few religions which imply he created us and that we are similar to him in that there are some who claim to have communicated with him, which in part has been through the use of words.
        My main reason for replying was because if god does exist I can think of several other questions I would ask before I would get round to asking why he creatd the universe, and that would be based on my assumption of him.
        Unless someone comes on here with clear proof that god does exist then I feel the whole thread will be based upon speculation. I think that is why the question leads with "does god exist, if yes"
        I found this site only a short while ago and while and think it is amazing. I am not as clever as most of the people on here but i really enjoy learning new things (I had to google "anthropomorphic projection so I apoligise if I used it wrong) I did not mean to offend or provide a concise answer, I just found a thread that I thought only required my view point rather than extensive knowledge so enjoyed the chance to contribute in some way.
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          Oct 11 2012: Fair enough. Hope my terse comment didn't come across as rude. Typing on phone is a pain, so I often drop the niceties.

          Hope you enjoy the site as much as I do.

          Being exposed to new ideas makes us all better informed.probably half of appearing smart is borrowing ideas from others that make sense.

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