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existence of god (why religion is the answer)

today i had a conversation with a friend about religion ,god,quantum physics and forbidden archaeology .
the real question was ,does god exist ,if yes then why he created the universe ,was he bored ? religion can not give us satisfactory answer !
also religion is some thing very new , comparing it with human existence (forbidden archaeology) .
who created the universe ? is it better to believe that god created it instead of no one .(if we say god created it then the question is ,with what ?)

sorry for my english :(
one more thing ,please do some research on forbidden archaeology before replaying .


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    Oct 4 2012: There is no evidence that we need to accept the hypothesis of a creator -let alone a conscious creator- of the universe.

    The best answer we have, given the current knowledge we have, is that we don't know how the universe came to be.

    A quick google search on "forbidden archaeology " makes my pseudo-science sensors go wild... You should be very skeptical with the theories proposed by mr Cremo.

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