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existence of god (why religion is the answer)

today i had a conversation with a friend about religion ,god,quantum physics and forbidden archaeology .
the real question was ,does god exist ,if yes then why he created the universe ,was he bored ? religion can not give us satisfactory answer !
also religion is some thing very new , comparing it with human existence (forbidden archaeology) .
who created the universe ? is it better to believe that god created it instead of no one .(if we say god created it then the question is ,with what ?)

sorry for my english :(
one more thing ,please do some research on forbidden archaeology before replaying .


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  • Oct 1 2012: Feyisayo Anjorin ,i still didn't get the answer .why god will spend time on us in afterlife by sending us in hell or heaven .
    again why he created the universe ,was he bored ? why it is better to believe that god created it instead of no one?
    personally i do believe in god ,,,,,but still these questions are unanswered .
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      Oct 4 2012: No one knows but plenty of people pretend to know but their belifs conflict. I guess because there probably are no gods or goddesses interacting with humans in an understandable way. Or they dont exist. Maybe we just imagined them all.
    • Oct 5 2012: Fazeel, I'm thrilled to read you believe in a God! Great news indeed.
      I have learned some answers from the writings of Swedenborg. You can Google him and see a 'first impression.' I must clearly state that what I am about to say may do a disservice to his books because I do have a very limited education.
      But this is Life and the creation of the universe in less than 2000 characters :)

      God is Love itself and Wisdom itself. In order for God to love anything, it has to be outside of Himself and 'detached' or He would be loving Himself. Loving self is the beginning and reason of all evil.
      So God created the universe etc. by separating His love and wisdom from Himself, making it finite and thus less and less God. This continued to the final point of the existence of matter. But as you know, matter is still kind of cloudy, nothing is really solid. With a strong enough microscope we can still look through things. There is a 'system' holding particles together and giving all different materials their own, different character.
      But just as matter has different levels from e.g. stone to gas, so living organisms have a basic but also very high level of knowledge or life pattern with reason. From cells and smaller, to humans.

      Everything that exists has a relationship with everything else that exists. What brings those parallels to light or expresses that is how the Bible is written.
      It also has very different levels of meaning and thus application. The literal text could be seen as historical but is very contradictory and is often difficult to understand. The letter is the basis of the spirit. It is the spirit that gives life to the letter, not the other way. Just as we are not our body but very much our spirit. This is to the extreme that the first 10.5 chapters of Genesis are made-up history, copied by Mozes from earlier Revelations.
      The first level of meaning of the text is the growth and development of belief systems. Adam was not a guy but the first 'Church' etc.
      see next
    • Oct 5 2012: So it going to be a bit more than 2000 :)
      The next level of the Bible's revelation is on our personal level as individuals. That's what the Creation Story is really all about. How we can (if we so choose) change from a materialistic person to a spiritual person. And the second creation story is to grow from a spiritual to a celestial person.

      Also as individuals we have the Mozes and Pharaoh in us to get through life's issues. Materialists are like the slaves, stuck in Egypt. To grow spiritually is to 'travel' from Egypt to Canaan. Each important figure on that journey is some aspect of our own spirit that can either win or loose. The bigger the fight, the bigger our issue is. But at some point we may make the right decision in a temptation, helped by the use of 5 smooth stones and we become an angel. IOW have heaven within us.
      Even when still here, that can happen. We will never become angels based on what we've owned or which pew we sat on. We can only be angels when we love God and love the good (God) in our neighbour.

      We are what we love. That is the way before, and the way after our body dies. We, or God, do not change what we love after death because that's who we are. We love God and others we go to heaven. If we love ourselves and the world we go to hell. Both destinations are very much our own choice and if we were evil we'd hate to live in heaven.

      God, as a God of love would very much love to see us go to heaven so He can make us even happier to eternity. But love can only exist in freedom and within reason. We cannot love something or someone when we are forced to.

      So this whole universe is our womb where we can grow spiritually, and the death of our body is the birth of our spirit into the next, and eternal stage. But in that stage or state (without time) we keep learning and developing into better angels.

      Here is what I base this on:

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