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new way to telecomunicate together with sixthSence technology

SixthSense tech. is good enough but still keep using popular ways of telecomms. and that is big problem not only for Pranav. I°ve got an idea how to make it better, cheaper. much more cheaper!

  • Oct 22 2012: When you say "us" in 'what your ideas can offer us' are you referring to the Planet, the ontological us, as in the world as a whole? Or do you mean you and one other person to just make money? Ted.com is designed for sharing information not selling it, the glory of technology is not the capital it generates but the quality of life it gives the users of your product. All technology should be free open-source. This will give a platform not just for you to make money, but for you to establish something for others to contribute to.
    It is a telecommunications revival we are supposing- for free for all to see, Language is going to be transformed by this. we now can communicate effortlessly with the program reading our input, and before you HEAR what i say, you SEE what i mean. this tech can allow us to communicate visually thru a refined set of symbology and pictographs INSTEAD of words written out. There will no longer be misunderstandings of diction and grammer in english from double-word meanings and non-phonetically sounding words and typos. Eprime, acronyms, and shorthand note-taking are now viable and consistent because they will be VISUALLY clear, whereas before shorthand and abbreviated writing were considered incomplete. Now we can use symbols, movement, eventually i forsee the EEG machine becoming a peripheral- imagine thinking up song lyrics to a song and having the EEG machine read the words you are thinking and write them for you. all we need is an language that can be represented in waveform for the EEG to read. i can only imagine the extensive research data of waveforms data needed to symbolically represent the multitude of emotions and eventually thoughts we experience in a readable and useable form....
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      Oct 23 2012: Hello, David, thank You for your apply. I dont want to share full idea because I still have no patent it yet. but as soon as I finish with it I will share. There is no money orientation, if You want to open a new company thats ok, but if You gonna open new country with full functions in it thats mean money is the one small part... If You look deep into any idea You will see that there is lots of small ideas in it, there is the point. Look to android for example, there is one idea to open open source OS and lots of ideas about apps, games etc. that could be created by any people who wants to... So, mine is there, like OS, like country, but for everybody, and if someone else will do that idea first, nobody knows how worst it will hapen for others. Even weapon can be used same for peace and war, isnt it???
  • Oct 3 2012: Okay. We're open. Go. Express your idea. Here. Now. Thank you.
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      Oct 3 2012: Thank You for Your attention :) I saw Your profile and conversations with other TED members and I want to tell You that there is one surprise for You as well. Within few days I will open some options of my idea and You will know it...
  • Sep 30 2012: Enable access to the technology watch the effect or trend ?
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      Oct 3 2012: there is a reason that I still did not patent it. Now I`m in Swiss, working for patent, and as soon as I will do that I will open the idea that will change the way of our mind about technology of telecomms... But, later on I will open some options that idea can offer us!