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What is the calculation for longitude?

I recently have been doing a calculation for a new GPS system but can not crack Longitudes decreasing properties as Latitude Increases...

Basically as Latitude increases to 90 Longitude is 0 and as it hits 0 Longitude hits 100%..

Any conclusions? I am stuck and need help so anything will help stimulate the thought...

Latitude is working... Longitude is not so much...




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    • Oct 1 2012: Not homework!!!! This has been a project that I have been working on for a few months now will let someone continue the work if I knew they would not scrap the Idea... Fritzie can back me up on that one...
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      Oct 1 2012: I can verify, Dan, that this is not Joshua's homework but rather one of his projects.
      Still, this calculation is algorithmic, and I think the best advice would come from the same sort of site that helps people with homework in this area.

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