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What is the calculation for longitude?

I recently have been doing a calculation for a new GPS system but can not crack Longitudes decreasing properties as Latitude Increases...

Basically as Latitude increases to 90 Longitude is 0 and as it hits 0 Longitude hits 100%..

Any conclusions? I am stuck and need help so anything will help stimulate the thought...

Latitude is working... Longitude is not so much...




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  • Sep 30 2012: I am not visualizing your problem. Longitude increases going west of the prime meridian or east of the prime and is stated E or W. Latitude increases moving away from the equator and is stated N or S. Very simple really. So, how does a GPS use this information differently?
    • Sep 30 2012: GOOD now visualize what the equation is facing...

      Latitude and longitude are the restrictions to times equation but longitude is restricted by times calculation literally....

      I can calculate latitude from the equator because it is a simple distance from 0, so observer is how far from 0?

      Now how do I ask the same question for longitude in math equivalant terms?

      The steps of the excel are

      PYTHAGOREAN THEOREM (Latitudinal step of calculation...)
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        Oct 1 2012: Have you done an internet search for the algorithm so that you don't need to "reinvent the wheel?"

        For example, if you do an internet search for formula for longitude, Pearson has a formula sheet you can download, doesn't it, and steps using Excel?

        And here is a link to a group of tutors who answer questions like yours online:
        • Oct 1 2012: Actually, I would like to say sorry for not keeping track of this post but I know what is happening with longitude but I can't explain why thing are working the way they are...

          Since longitude handles four hemispheres it required two sign changes one for Southeast Northwest and NORTHEAST or SOUTHWEST...

          But I had latitude at a right angle from the equator to the axis of the observer latitude then from the axis the longitude spreads out to form a new diameter at the observed latitude.

          Again I not sure if I have the calculations right but the process of what is happening is locked down...

          Select FILE/DOWNLOAD AS

          The first green is latitude the the other Items stacked are Longitude

          To use with open office you must first rename and save document...

          Here are the two videos that tested the equation...


          I do thank everyone in the videos they do not plea for money at this point but I do need help testing the equation so If others could test it out and then tell me what is happening I will not beable to do extensive testing for a week and a half...

          The circle has a left and right and can be above or below the equator... This handles the equations needed to calculate Longitude... Since Latitude is always positive because Pythagorean Theorem is required to calculate; I know I am correct in my thought process it is now Ironing out the equations needed.
        • Oct 1 2012: The wheel has yet to be created we know what it is with quadrants or four quarters of a circle but to navigate a variety of circles without restraints or errors is the true mastery we must find.

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