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How does TED change the way we think, and what future does it have.

I'm writing a paper and i chose to write about TED. I'm having some difficulties to find valueble sources to use for my paper. If someone could give me some advice or maybe even your own opinion would be great.


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    Oct 4 2012: Hi Christine,

    TED can affect your individual thoughts and views about something presuming you are of an open mind.

    TED is not a collective, but rather a stage granting an individual a short time to express and idea worth spreading. In response listeners exchange thoughts about the talk by posting comments and responses.

    TED seeks those knowledgeable in the fields of technology, education and design, and relatively open to the pros and cons of these dynamic influences. This often means controversy and differing views about a given talk. TED does not take a position on what you should think and believe - that is left to you.

    As individuals our world starts off localized. We are raised by parents or guardians and influenced by what they believe which is often shaped by tradition, location, etc., Then school and college, etc., expands our world as different subjects are studied. As we age we tend to develop our own identity often differing even with friends and family about how we see the world. TED to some extent is an extension of this process. It allows someone to express themselves on a world stage on a topic they are passionate about.

    TED has logged numerous talks fitting that description, but it isn't a free ride. Guests are subject to the exchanges that follow. Both the talks and the discussions can be helpful in developing your own thoughts and position on the issue.

    The future of any enterprise is subject to change and there have been changes. It appears so far so good.

    Hopefully this is helpful and welcome aboard!
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    Oct 1 2012: you can see a ed movie .after how do you feel .if you feel somthing new or stranger ,then that is it
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    Oct 1 2012: You must of seen this Chris.

    I thought "Oh damn they're clicking us but it was to be expected"

    All TED has to do is clean up the conversations part and apparently there has been 700 ideas/suggestions sent in over the years and it could really take off.
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    Oct 1 2012: (Quote): "How does TED change the way we think,..."

    Something to keep in mind...

    TED, nor any other medium, will change the way any individual thinks unless the individual is willing to accept and consider alternative views to their own current thoughts, ideas, or beliefs.

    If someone is determined to use a medium solely as a platform to try to force their own views, values, and beliefs on others instead of looking for other's ideas to consider, no "thinking change" will take place for that individual.
  • Sep 30 2012: Oh and by the future I mean what TED's future could be. Maybe become more involved in education ? Could it be possible to have a nation-wide class on something by making it accessable like TED does with TED-Ed ?
  • Sep 30 2012: I wanted to focus on how TED fits into the patterns the use of the internet is creating on daily bases. By that i mean that a trend is developing in the behavior of people when they use the internet a lot. Some criticize that the way we process information becomes more and more fragmented and if you use the new media in a irresponsible way you loose the ability to create long, chronological thoughts because you are use to only thinking in small bits. I think TED is trying to use those changes in our perception in a good way. The talks are only 12-18 minutes long, which is a good time frame for a short concentration span, which people tend to have these days because of how they are affected by the way information is shared today. Also TED uses social media to expand, which clearly is inevitable today. These are just some examples I thought about. I wanted to show how TED uses the "new way of thinking" and is trying to direct it in a positive way, where people actually gain something from it.

    Now I'm looking for some scientific sources that I can use for my paper and base my argument on. It would be really helpful if you could give any suggestions maybe on books, professors or scientific journals who have written about TED.

    Thanks for the comments so far. Anything is helpful. And please excuse my English, which might be a little off at times.
  • Sep 30 2012: TED talks is a freedom of ideas platform that can enable people to share their ambition and find others of like mind and ambition my opinion . But the future is what we do next with what we have and know now?
  • Sep 30 2012: TED has different effect on people, because people are here for different meaning and they put different frame on TED and it change its meaning.

    Christine, how comes I can't find your profile on
  • Sep 30 2012: read my : What does happen to our comments on TED? conversation
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    Sep 30 2012: You might start by identifying the components of TED you think might have impact and research those rather than researching one example. For example, you might think about online educational videos, online discourse, and interdisciplinary conferences.
    • Sep 30 2012: hey Fritzie

      Remember my conversation for our comments?
      What does happen to our comment on TED?

      This is what I am talking about and this is just the beginning...
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        Oct 1 2012: I don't have a problem with suggesting directions for research to someone who is stuck.

        To me this is different from putting forward a thesis or arguments for a homework paper.
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    Sep 30 2012: One thing TED does is that it helps you to see from different perspectives and worldviews. If one sees from an enlightened point of view, then one would know what needs to be changed and what needs to be rexamined. There are also instances when seeing from different perspectives and worldviews helps in strengthening one's resolve.

    As it pertains to the future, I would say that human communities are building blocks of a future of peace, progress and prosperity. On TED we share ideas and we encourage each other by learning from each other; so together, we remind ourselves of all that is needed for our desired future. Sometimes we know good things, but we do better when we are constantly reminded, so that we'll be focussed.

    As for your paper, let the forum know what you are writting on, and those who can be of help will certainly help.