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did the core of earth use to be a sun?

I have watched and read a lot of things about space but I've never heard anything about that the core of earth might have been the remains of a small star
you figure most planets are just large rocks but we have a molten iron nickle core like a sun has

  • Oct 1 2012: The Earth's core is hot because it's under intense pressure and it contains a lot of radioactive materials that continuously give off heat. Many other planets and moons have hot cores as well, but not all. Our own moon's core has cooled off because it always was under less pressure, the moon has a greater surface compared to the volume of its core, a thinner mantle and probably started out with less radioactive material because it was formed out of the mantle of the Earth.
  • Oct 8 2012: Our Earth, as well as the Sun and the rest of our solar system, formed at relatively the same time (~4.5 billion years ago). A swirling disk of material condensed to form the Sun in the middle (where the most heat was) and planets/planetismals outward from the middle, where it was cooler. The Earth formed as bits of comet like material (likely carbonaceous chondrites) condensed together due to each partical's gravitational pull. When the Earth finally accreted there was a lot of heat present, due to gravitational energy and the decay of short lived radioactive isotopes. This heat increased the temperature of the entire planet enough to partially melt it. During this melting, the heavy material (iron, nickel) sank to the middle of the earth, forming the core. Obviously, we cannot state that this as absolute fact, but there is an incredible amount of evidence to support these theories.

    Also, our core is not entirely molten. The outher core is liquid, while the inner core is solid. Other planets have partially molten core as well.

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    Oct 1 2012: I can't actually say that what you propose is not possible but from my personal point of view highly unlikely.
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    Sep 30 2012: The core of the earth is said to be made of star stuff (as is all matter in our world), but it never began as a sun. The earth probably began when the sun was born in a great explosion, and matter was ejected. the matter was gravitationally attracted and in this way, planets were formed. Gas planets, being lighter, are farther out in the solar system. Everything that you see is made of star stuff.
    • Sep 30 2012: ya thanks i know all that but why do we have a hot liquid core when others that should dont? if you think about it there is a lot of suns that have come and gone. which leaves a lot of cores lying around waiting to be eaten up by other larger stars and black holes "verry large sun cores not producing light but sucking in all matter". if you also think about it jupter and saturn are sun sized but they have not ignited if they do and burn there fuel the core that will remaine will be earth size and start over by collecting all the dark matter it comes near "and i say dark matter because all that means is dirt that doesnt produce light and obsucures our view of the things that does" btw sorry about the bad grammer and spelling im not a auther im a thinker