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An open, facebook-integrated instant global democracy

As of today, the world's first truly open facebook-integrated global instant democracy is a reality. Unlike other voting systems online - reddit and ted.com comments etc. - it's not about voting on the opinions. It's about voting on their subjects.

Why are subjects important? Because for the first time we can actually say what someone's opinion is really about. And group votes for or against those subjects. It makes no sense to vote for a hashtag but voting for or against subjects that share hashtags makes a race - and a whole new kind of democracy.

This kind of democracy is a Facebook game that turns voting into a social act. When people go into some dark room and pull a lever or press a button you've got all that BS about hanging chads and who watches the watchmen and lobbyism and so on. But when everyone's opinions on every subject are open and public - when everyone's votes can be counted by everyone - that's a democracy you can trust.

Right now this is alpha software, brand spanking new, without a lot of important content. But if you care about democracy, if you can stand up for or against something - if something really matters to you from cafeteria lunches to the way your taxes are spent - this new way to argue and win or lose an argument is the way forward.

We waste opinions all over the internet - they can't count if we don't count them. But try http://www.doshmosh.com and speak your mind. Pick a side. Make a choice. Take a stand. Connect to the people who feel the same way you do - take power back from the bureaucrats and share it with the people you trust - your friends.


Closing Statement from Peter Merel

The feedback here has been very helpful. In particular Pavlin Angelov's criticism of the funding model has caused us to rethink it. We're moving it to become more in line with the Google Adsense/Adwords model. Thanks to everyone for your comments.

If you'd like to learn more there's a deeper and saltier discussion of the way DoshMosh works at http://dudespaper.com/dudeism-the-first-religion-with-a-moshpit.html/ .

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    Oct 1 2012: Since 9/11/2002 I am working on the Main World Project.

    Now the website is under construction. You can fin more info at link: http://www.francescofilippi.com/it/progress/galleria/main_world_project/dettagli-1.htm#top.

    Main World is the first worldwide democratic website that allows you to virtually influence the future of the World about given topics such as education, economics, politics, science, ethics, environment, security and many others.

    The decisions you are asked to make are based on shared values which you want the World to aim to. Those values are chosen by subscribers and continually updated and can relate to peace, harmony, wealthy, social justice, education and health care for everyone, common choices, unpolluted environment, poverty reduction.

    Everyone can make decisions according to their conscientiousness and their own concepts on ethics, culture and religion, giving their personal contribution for a better World. The data might as well be processed by a sophisticated algorithm that results in predicting whether the initial values proposed can be reached or not. In an experimental section of the website you can compare your choices with other people's choices by means of an advanced decisional method.

    The final purpose is to validate a decision when shared by all participants, no one excluded. Decisions made by this way can be very different from those ones made by the conventional method of majority implemented on the website, indicating that the future of the World has to take into consideration the general interest.

    In the 'Learn' section you can improve your knowledge on the given opics, so that you can make aware decisions. Interestingly, the decisions following the gathering of information and a deep study are more responsible, mature and exposed to be challenged by the comparison with other people's choices.

    Thanks everybody is working on awareness!

    Do you have any suggestions?

    Please write it!
    • Oct 8 2012: I don't mean to pop your bubble Francesco but I think democracy isn't so much about values as it is about how to stop the people upstream from polluting waters needed by the people downstream. Not in theory but here, today, as it's happening. Think globally, but if you can't bring it into local reality it can mean very little.

      This is why DoshMosh is a social network game rather than a website. On a website your decisions are only validated by a tiny audience, the people who happen to stop by. It's what wikizens used to call a walled garden. We need democracy on the open graph, with a billion participants, before we can influence the world.

      Happily, we can integrate. DoshMosh offers a portlet, called a MoshPit, a line of script that you can use to integrate your content with our service. You can see a simple example at http://moshpit-demo.herokuapp.com/smh . Bringi your content into contention with all the other content on the open graph, and coordinate it with all the other world democracy sites. This is a way to expose your ideas to the people where they live rather than burying them in a website linked by just a few.

      Come and join us - we need your thinking!
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        Oct 8 2012: Hi Peter, I appreciate your message!

        I am working on Main World since 2002 after 9/11.

        I propose to Facebook four years ago my projetc but they were not interested in it. So I started to develope alone again.
        Main Wolrd is not only you can see in my video is more than a opinon vote.

        Is based on a collective mechanism of awareness.
        I work on awareness since '94 and my project is not only to vote the decion makers is to become decision makers or influence them.

        I don't know if I have well understood your opinion on my project but in Main World there is a sophisticated system to share opnions and this is only a little part of the project.

        Download my presentation at the day of: "Collective Awareness Platforms for
        Sustainability and Social Innovation". There is explained the mechanism of my project.

        Main World want to become like Linkedin or Facebook.

        We can collaborate of course...How?

        Keep in touch!

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