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Should we hear/read/learn about the failures of things; especially if it was "scandalous" and they become successful from hiding it?

Ben Goldacre states that studies of medicine done on humans that are failures should be published. I agree. I think failures are something everyone wants to hide, but how can we learn if can't learn what not to do or what bad signs to look for.

Shouldn't this pertain to all other institutions as well, such as; education, government, religion, health, organizations, businesses, safety enforcers, and so on and so forth. I would also go so far as to say that people should be a bit more open about their own errors, but I don't think I would say lay it all on the table.

So should we know about the failures aside from the successes of things?

Update: Thanks to Fritzie for introducing us to this interesting link that "illuminates" failures.



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    Sep 29 2012: Failures should not be given as much publicity as successes because of the people whose perspective of failure is not helpful to humanity and the society.
    There are people who see failure as an evidence of impossibility, or as a sign that things will never change. These people need to be protected from the minor setback
    However there are people who intend to learn from their mistakes or from the mistakes of other people. These people would view failure from a right perspective.

    It would be hard to talk about your failures when you have not changed the story with an obvious evidence of success. Then it would seem as if such an individual has had nothing to show for all the hardwork except a series of failures.
    But the story becomes inspiring when one speaks of the failures of the past while celebrating the success of the moment.
    • Sep 29 2012: Are you suggesting that out of sight is out of mind?
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      Sep 30 2012: Not to be cliche, but I will be, "there is always a silver lining to every situation".

      I believe that failures of studies, history, and certain situations in peoples lives should be announced and made known. In the scientific perspective, the build-up of empirical evidence should be shared with the general public. I would want to know if the mouse they experimented on turned into a zombie, maybe if the evidence describes how to make the medicine hurt people, then I think that people will use that information as they would without knowing if someone who takes more than x number of pills would hurt them or they will know the effects. People with bad intentions will have bad actions and people with good intentions will have good actions, but that isn't always true, also mistakes and accidents happen. Failures allow us to examine the best equation for the least damage or for others the worst.....just hope for the best and continue living.

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