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Why don't psychiatrists know this and use it? What professions come closer to understanding( i.e.psychology? coaching? and incorporating it

I am a psychiatrist. Is this a valid way of organizing and helping an individual or is it missing deeper understanding of physiology, upbringing and spirituality. How does it relate to the growing field of coaching?

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    Gail .

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    Sep 29 2012: Dr. Daryl Bern (Professor Emeritus, Psychologist) surveyed 1,100 college professors about the possibility of psi (precognition) being real. His findings were disturbing. 34% of psychologist did not believe in it, as opposed to 2% of other fields. It is especially disturbing in that he demonstrated, to a degree of accuracy of 74 bilion to one, that we are psychic. He then demonstrated to a greater degree of accuracy that those who consider themselves "risk takers" (those who recognize the risks, asses them, and then make a decision) are even more psychic than those who are not risk takers (those who recognize the fear and move away rather than toward it).

    The field of psychology is being FORCED to reconsider its paradigm(s). We can thank quantum physicists for that. They spurred research into study of "mind". There is a growing body of evidence that shows the separation that we perceive among ourselves is an illusion, and that we are part of a great one-ness. AND -- we can access that one-ness.

    Most psychologists begin with the core assumption of vulnerability. There are a growing number of people who have discovered that this is an untruth. We can access the quantum field (as it's sometimes called) and from that place (point of view), become invulnerable to what others believe they are vulnerable to. MANY of us know that WE create our own realities and co-create our cultural realities. We know that thoughts are THINGS.

    How does Tony's view relate to

    Upbringing: It very clearly states that upbringing is only an obstacle if you allow it to be (by believing it true).
    Spirituality: That depends on how you define spirituality
    Coaching: He is a personal coach who is also a public speaker

    Beliefs are the fabric of our realities. Much has been learned about how life works since psychology separated from philosophy. No philosophy of humanhood is complete without a working understanding of quantum physics & awareness of thoughts/emotions & their roles.
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    Sep 29 2012: Doesn't a psychiatrist by definition administer drugs?... Doesn't a psychiatrist by definition not acknowledge spirituality?...
    Hasn't the culture of the western world been branded by psychiatry since the late 1800's, to what end? Isn't fascism by definition an extension of eugenics?...

    Is psychiatry by definition antipathetic to a drug free, spiritual, more than a body, happy, successful, decisive, dynamic, individual?
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    Sep 29 2012: Another thing I will say and this is for your own health. Put in balance all your colegues works and evan yours and ry to be sincere with you and the others, not only psychiatry colegues, the results of your work and how a pacient of you is free and idependent like God let us on Earth and do not think about money think about how many other people that work for creating pills are suffering becouse of lack of love and inderstanding in their families. I can say you from now what will gonna happen. A self distruction of a system and I am not one to try to persuade you and convince you just I am thinking of good intended people that work for medical system and that care about not only the colegues but also really care about pacients and they see something bad is happening with them. Prevention is the arm of afection. Think about ....
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    Sep 29 2012: And for answering in some way to your question, I will ask you what you mean by closer to understanding ? More people in medicine and other fields say this days that will reach scientific understanding of all things around but have you asked if your "understanding" has a limit or errors andyou make astep and use your "understanding" who gonna save you if you "fly away" and go away from God and you hide and melt in the "scientific creation". Do you think you are enough strong to reach God by study human behaviour of a group or just few that are evan not simillar and you can not "understand" and study all. You think you have this enormous capacity to understand everything without even belive in God and love that gather us. Think about .... I chose to be near my family as I can and love them and pray and think how can I help and be useful to the others in some way to not disturb them. I am a beliver and proud of beeing like this.
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    Sep 29 2012: Yes I can say that is a modern era "disease" maybe so is created by us or better said our ancestors in modern times by education or lack of it, a lot other problems in modern society so do not blame nature and God for this problems blame bad way evolution of society and environment so do not see someone with depresion like a person that is not addapted to the new "waves" but a keeper of good traditions of our ancestors. Try to respect more any person around you and offer all your best and this way love around us between us and inside us will grow and guide us all to and ideal future that God want and see for us but can not force us to do this becouse freedom in every way is a fundamental element of God creation and should be respected in any way. Like freedom of love without borders.
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    Sep 29 2012: Psychology attempts to understand human behavior and some psychologists take that material into practice. The talk by Martin Seligman on positive psychology may interest you as well as a sort of fully academically grounded version of the Robbins talk.

    Coaches, I have found, vary greatly in the soundness of the solutions they put forward.
  • Sep 28 2012: I am a psychiatrist by the way and find this very useful!