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What does happen to our comments on TED?

We all know that today hardly anyone reads more than one book to write one page essay. Most essays and thesis are copied. Today’s technology provides us more information than we ever need. I have seen a lot of students using Copy / Paste from Wikipedia and presenting it as if they spend the whole night to write it. (some of them don’t even know what’s on paper, because they haven’t even read what it is)

Say the teacher asks them to write about what they think of Today’s Education System.
Students come home and ask TED community; What do you think about Today’s Education?

Within five days the Question will be answered by maybe over 50 members and yet some of us will disagree or like and so on and on. The students take the long and most liked comment and present to teacher as if it is what s/he thinks about Today’s Education.

Our comments can be copied unknown to us. I am not taking about Copy Right here, but the way our youth uses technology and information sources. They are more and more into technology and doing everything to be in it but not reading a book. They even can exchange the notes through the Social media they are in.

I tested some students, not many could read over 120 words per minute. They are not used to read long texts, just a few characters (which are on Facebook comments and text messages) Reading a printed book going to be history, Newspapers and magazines will soon follow. Above all from paper read one can’t use Copy / Paste.

have you ever thought about the future / destiny of your comment?


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  • Sep 29 2012: Yes I have :) If my comment can influence someone in a positive way, then I am pleased. I understand your point with 'copy & paste' because I did it myself. Not to copy n paste but only because it happened to be what I believed in too.

    There are so many ways you can say "I like chocolate because...'' but just because 10 students may feel the same way about chocolate, doesn't mean they're all just copying eachother.

    If I were in a meeting / discussion and someone made a comment, when 10 committee members agree with it would you want everyone to repeat the comment in a slightly different way knowing they are all saying the same thing, or would you accept it if they just said I Agree?

    I won't read it if it doen't interest me
    • Sep 30 2012: Carla

      Thanks for you note, I agree you said that not everyone thinks the same about chocolate, I would only add if in the classroom the majority says that they like chocolate most possible some will mirror the majority because for very simple human reason, "We don't want to be in minority" , this makes sense, doesn't it?

      "I won't read it if it doen't interest me" (who does?)

      - Neither do I read Lady Gaga's fascinating life. for one simple reason, IT DOESN'T INTEREST ME

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