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Allowing people to really explore the idea that a video game can create a situation where a human thinking of suicide can be saved.

I think we all know people who have depressed enough to consider taking their
lives but I want everyone to explore all the possibilities of life and suicide prevention.

  • Oct 3 2012: I agree with Carolyn Mcauleyin that suicide is a primitive form of self surgery and that a video game can be invented to intervene. Over the last couple of days I have been tghinking of such a game and I have an idea that I will share . I wrote it in my journal and i am 90% finished. Thursday I will share it and see what you think. I have to warn you that it needs a lot of work but it is a start.
  • Oct 1 2012: I love the idea of as a species existing in all 12 dimensions. I found how MINDS EYES became a Range in quatum
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    Sep 28 2012: In merging BASIC with hypnosis, I found a network. Carl Jung was correct.
    I learned computer memory mapping from Jim Butterfield and have mapped a 12-D Matrix,

    We are reprogrammable down to the DNA level. You can freely download my book, earning 5/5 stars, via

    Your mind remotely controls your avatar on this planet in this gaming system. I need to introduce you to your technology.
    First, there is the material PLANE, which is horizontal beneath your feet, in three dimensions.
    The second plane is behind your eyes in SIX dimensions so that, like a PERISCOPE into this dimension, as a slice of space-time, for all others, in fourth dimensional logic, are next to your mind, but all traveling forward on one SLICE OF NOW. This is why Leonardo da Vinci writes his notes in reverse. When traveling the wormhole in your mind, you can best read your notes in the back of your mind when you write them in reverse. This is why Leonardo never published these journals. He didn't invent Submarines. HE SAW THEM and sent triangulate-able data between the physical location of his body, the physical location of the submarines in space-time and the locatable state of his mind in six-dimensions to see this future event in space-time.
    The third plane slices between your hemispheres in NINE dimensions, for the left hand processes ONLY right hemispherical logic and vice-versa, so this then allows you to JUDGE REALITY VERSES FANTASY logistics.
    The fourth range can only be found in conjunction with THREE OTHERS so that four MIND'S EYES become a RANGE in quantum SPACE-TIME, and all the tools are printed on the back of every US $1 bill as that is no longer a pyramid but a road away from you in space-time, and that's your own mind's eye looking at you here in the future.

    We, as a species, exist in ALL 12 DIMENSIONS. We forgot.

    For all tools and what I've been doing to make PEACE by disseminating please come to