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Creating a situation where women can take out loans for as little of $25 to start a business,

I have become aware of several women with wonderful fully thought out idea's for a business that would serve a double need filling a need for the consumers and a opportunity to furnish jobs.

They have overcome incredible odds of political oppression as well as several other oppressing conditions that did not defeat them but only served to make stronger.

  • Sep 29 2012: This is supported by Kiva around the world in which individuals and groups (often the individuals are men and the groups are women - go figure) are loaned small amounts of money (microloans) by individuals. The individuals give about $25. to each loan they support and get the princial paid back with no interest.
    This seems to work well, although I never have actually made it to the countries when I loan money but I do know that the best way to elevate the level of living standards in a village is to give women enough money to start a business.