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The Communist Takeover of America - 45 Declared Goals ("that found their way down the halls of our great Capitol back in 1963*").

Have you read this article? If not - see: http://rense.com/general32/americ.htm

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    Oct 1 2012: Hello Everyone (I'm sorry I cannot reply to you directly Chen, but it appears your "reply" button has been turned off).

    If I may, I would like to introduce myself as a born and bred South African citizen, who has been ("living" i.e. a misnomer) struggling to survive under Socialist/Communist (so-called) "governance*" (*not that I need, want, invite or welcome, any other private citizen's "governance" over me) in the (so-called) new, democratic South Africa for the past 18 years.

    And, that said, on to vital issues, namely: where I come from, i.e. my cultural background - the "unnatural" death of ONE (unarmed and defenseless) man, woman, child or infant; no matter their race or skin-color; let alone the "unnatural" deaths of hundreds of thousands (or millions) of men, women and children; at the hands of a maniacal murderer (or many maniacal murderers) is ONE death too many!

    And, therefore, as this planet, Earth - the "jewel and apple of God's eye" - has been drenched in the blood of (billions of) human beings (and animals) for the past 200,000 years - one can only wonder WHO is behind this? The "perfectly and essentially morally good Creator of All Creation - Love?" Or the (God-created man, animal and life-hating) Anti-Christ and Father of Lies? Obviously the former.

    And WHO in this day and age represents that, but The Godless and loveless (individual-freedom-hating; slave-driver; parasitic leech; confidence-trickster; user and abuser; mass-murdering) Socialist/Communists.

    And in the understanding that "none of us are alone in this*" (*as though South Africa, or South Africans are a species apart, who live on another planet!).

    See the "glorious and noble" aims that the (undercover) South African Communist Party has for the minority and majority of South Africans* (*who have no wish whatsoever to subsist and/or to "starve to death" under the "ruler-ship" of the "manual workers" in South Africa) here:


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