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The Communist Takeover of America - 45 Declared Goals ("that found their way down the halls of our great Capitol back in 1963*").

Have you read this article? If not - see: http://rense.com/general32/americ.htm

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    Sep 28 2012: I read the document. In 1963, Russia was a communist Nation.
    China was just trying to build their way out of an impoverished, third world environment due to overpopulation and Lack of building an adequate infrastructure due to the events occurring in WWII.

    On 8 December 1991, Russia ceased to be a communist nation. All activities associated with the plans for the communist world to take over other nations (as read in the document) died with it.

    There is no communist plans to take over the United States.
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      Sep 29 2012: A "Communist Super Power?" That murdered millions of (unarmed, defenseless) people? Whose idea of a "Super Power" is that?
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        Sep 29 2012: It's a descriptive term that has been accepted widely and helps to promote ideas. Don't read too much into the name. Instead, focus on the message.
        I changed the name from super power to Nation. I hope this helps.
        Do you think my message is correct?

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