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Is it time for Israel and Palestine to drop the two state solution and think a secular state?

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    Sep 30 2012: I think the solution to almost every problem we face is to create more beige and secular people... Love your enemy... Bungk chicka wuh, wuh... ; )
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    Sep 29 2012: I wish they do but they have a long history of fighting and misunderstandings.
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    Sep 29 2012: Well,you and i might think so but to them it might be just dandelions in the wind.
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    Sep 28 2012: Perhaps it is time for Judaism to realize why Mohammed is doing what he is doing.

    Being Jewish, I found three things about the logistics of Torah that have YET to happen in human history.

    1. Wise and LEARNED managers never side with some asshole who pops up as untrained and unapproved management to make ones employees do things one forbids them to do. When one returns, one sides with the meek. Had the Tablets ever actually happened on Earth with Humans, and had Moses been Human, the tablets would never have been broken.

    2. Contracts on the table find, in over 3000 years of human law, only redundant copies of contract. There has never been one copy of the contract that is encrypted by the author. Thus, the concept of the Torah as a contract between humans and God is impossible in human logic.

    3. You would never find only one copy of the instruction manual for the entire internet on one server with its minions doling out information. There were NEVER to be any copies of the Torah. The concept of the Torah as a reference material is impossible in human logic.

    Whoever the Israelites are, they were NEVER HUMAN. The concept of the Torah being a foundation for human civilization is not stable for humankind because its logic isn't human.

    Instead, the Torah turned out to be the BIG TRAP for the BURNING BUSH because, since the turn of the last century, four generations of the Bush clan, including Prescott Bush, George HW Bush and George W. Bush, have used invisible to the eye logistics that reveal an unerasable trail in space-time of abuses of everyone at a level that no one saw, until now. They learned to LIE AS A TEAM TO ALL SIDES SO ONLY THEIR OUTCOMES HAPPEN.

    To set this trap, I went to BrooWaha Los Angeles and uninstalled Torah. I'm an expert in computers and of the direct paper of King David. Abraham had EMPTY HANDS, and a universal tool of judgment. Two commandments Eight Rules, and the Promised Land is World Peace!
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    Sep 28 2012: In the mind of the Israelis' there is no two state idea.

    One state... Israel... We have no power to control their thinking and motivations. We can talk till we are blue in the face. Nothing will change.

    Israel is the only quick reactionary force we have in the region, not counting the sixth fleet. and the Planes in Saudi Arabia. We will not let them down and we will not let terrorist forces harm Saudi Arabia.

    The average US citizen has no control over this situation.
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    Sep 28 2012: I have heard many Palestinians say they would be happy to be Israeli, living in Israel, & ruled by the government. The surrounding Arab states have more than enough spare land to give their Palestinian brothers. The solution is simple enough, trouble is it doesn't address the real goal. The extermination of everything Jewish. Thankfully it's not going to happen; according to my bible anyway..

  • Sep 28 2012: "Is it time for Israel and Palestine to drop the two state solution and think a secular state?"

    It wouldn't work: Israel is barely secular as it is and the Palestinians are even more religious, plus they hate each other's guts. They can only go two-state, maintain Israel and divide Palestine among Arab countries or have both states absorbed by a far larger power (like a global government).