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Does every life have a purpose or should we set out to find a purpose to live??

I am in a very confused state of my life …where everything seems blank. Let me explain it better.

I quit my last job, because it dint make me feel good about it. And its been 6 months now,since then I am trying to find a new job. My parents have been taking care of my expenses. And I am thankful.

Now I am sitting still in my room and thinking whats the purpose of my life. I am a very optimistic person.And thus,nothing has torn me apart yet. I see a positive light in every adversity I came across .

But now, I really cant figure out what is it that I am actually seeking.

Am wondering, if this empty state of my life,is just because , the purpose of my life is seeking me .... or should I be focusing on a purpose for my existence.

Are these thoughts coming to me because of the idleness of my mind?
I would really want to know ,how to find the right purpose of my existence, as nothing pulls me down to vain nor do I benefit anybody with this positive attitude of mine.

Should I go with the flow and wait to watch why god actually created me, or find a purpose in life and attempt to achieve it????


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