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This Great Country of Ours: Fix U.S.

Many of us are faced with tough challenges. Life sets a good deal of obstacles in front of us regardless of our circumstance.

Many families are burdened with drug-abuse, suicide, and serious social impairments. Government and the community does little about the problem.

Many of our children were raised with corrupt social skills, low self-esteem, and a twisted sense of self-worth. Much of this has been caused by big business and horrible marketing campaigns targeting people's weaknesses.

The problems persist as we assume the I-Pad is a form of innovation. However, things like this just serve as a platform for profit, and will continue facilitating the steady decline of society.

I really believe that we need a switch here. We need a change in this country more than a vote can really facilitate. We need people to wake-up a little.

I think it's important to look at a few variables in our society. If we can command these...we may have a chance at changing things.

We should create a 2.5 billion dollar facility to house, teach, and build people from our communities.

We would create a facility that could house upwards of 5,000 people at a time. These citizens would go through a program allowing them to pick and choose a trade they enjoy.

The schooling would be free and a job is guaranteed so long as you follow applicable guidelines. The teachings should be hands-on and text based using dynamic teaching strategies...not a set of guidelines for every situation.

The funding is available for large-scale programs. We just don't try.

Creating programs like this will have massive benefits for our country. Education is key...we have to begin building our communities...we must focus on our people...they are what matters, and that's not just some hippie rant...it's a reality.

  • Sep 28 2012: The first step towards fixing anything is getting rid of the "great country" hyperbole. Be a bit more humble and look over the borders for inspiration, be willing to admit others may have figured out some things better.
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    Sep 28 2012: So what you're proposing is basically one gigantic private school with no tuition fee?

    While I don't know any physical institutions, there are stuff like KhanAcademy and Ted. And I really hope that Education itself becomes Open-Source'd and Open Source becomes mainstream. That would be the greatest thing to happen to Education on Earth. I could find a bajillion ways to improve public education from its current system to how each class should be taught to how their curriculum can improve. And I want this to happen!

    "The problems persist as we assume the I-Pad is a form of innovation. However, things like this just serve as a platform for profit, and will continue facilitating the steady decline of society."

    It is innovative in the sense that it is a new tool to do a bunch of things with. My friend's brother who is like 6-7 years old sucks at doing math, English, etc. but he can pick up on how to use an iPad and how how to use Netflix and Minecraft instantly. And without realizing it, he has already mastered the logic of Minecraft, where you can input certain materials to output tools like shovels or swords or whatever. What this is telling me is, Public Education is doing it wrong and iPads/Tablets are doing it right.
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    Sep 28 2012: The US, like most of the world, is not getting her priorities right; and is not putting the first things first.
    The failure of human relationships, beginning with the family, and affecting interpersonal relationships and then affecting the society on a larger scale; this failure is at the core of it all.

    Corruption, selfishness and immorality has eaten deep into the moral fibre of the society because we can not even agree with ourselves at the basic level on what is morally right and what is morally wrong.

    The consequence of our idea that we can not be sure of what is morally right and what is morally wrong is that anything can be defended as long as there is a convincing arguement in its favour.
    Now we've got to a point where selfishness and greed, even it its most obvious manifestation, can not be opposed. We have become a society with wonderful gadgets and a gradual journey to the worst of human nature.

    If we are ready for change, we need to rexamine our values; and be clear about what is right, and what is human's inhumanity to their fellow human beings.
  • Sep 28 2012: Okay we haven't done the then noncontroversial part of fighting the Great Depression - Completed before the end of the Hoover Administration - Increase Taxes and stop immigration. e.g. keep your hands to yourself no more theft from the Indians.
  • Sep 28 2012: No taxation without representation! The people who lowered the wage structure of our country, decided to increase the population beyond the American Dream, and to eventually reduce the percentage of university graduates didn't ask permission to do this and were not concerned with its consequences. Hence more unemployment, a darker future, etc. Remember Econ 101 Wages were lowered at corporate Insistence. See Samuelson.