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the time of old faucets are gone

This reflection came to me after having filmed my old faucet by accident in my bathroom I go on the internet and I have seen the old manual valve was invented in 1486 I was shocked because I shoot with a selebre smartphone and I am told there is a huge lag between them, the first is what man has done better technologically, the second is a revolutionary invention but gone because the man innovate automatic faucets that operate only when the hands aproach thereby save a lot of water, now how materialize the idea ? here is in my opinion is the steps to follow, first we have to take the best of them and put in a museum for the history, secondly by experts realize automatic taps less expensive to produce why not pvc like structure, thirdly old faucets will recover will compensate the price of novelty, fourth going program created work enormously because it will lead the govenement with a population sensibisation from companies who distributes water, excuse my english

  • Sep 28 2012: More people=more leaks Is that part of the issue?
    • Sep 28 2012: No, it is a problem of communication and incitement, if a child birth in a home where there are automatic faucets, it will do the same the day where he will have his own home