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A new Arts and Crafts movement would create jobs, build basic skills, and add value to the our constructions.

I want to design a solar powered furnace, patent it, and then place that patent in the public domain so that the whole planet can benefit from the technology without fear of any legal repercussions. These solar furnaces and kilns would be relatively easy to build, non-polluting, inexpensive, and ideally would be utilized to kick start a new arts and crafts movement.

I would suggest that if architects, designers and city planners would call for more traditional design elements that this would create a need for people to make those kinds of things.

We marvel at older architecture and things which were made in earlier times. In our modern world our lives are filled with things mass produced which lack the organic touch of any artisan, save the engineer who designed it.

If we were to use more modern materials and techniques with the old world philosophy of creating not just a specific outcome but also a work of art, we could put many thousands of people back to work on such projects and build things that the world has never seen.

I would like to see the mountains of scrap recyclable glass being melted into small tiles with solar kilns and assembled into large luminous structures. Castles of glass, beautiful things.

I don't know that many of these endeavors could be done with significant profit margins, but could probably be achieved somewhere near breaking even. But the real value add is that people would be engaged in the creation of these things, they acquire experience and skills in the process, and our world is made a more beautiful place.

That is my idea, and that is what I would like to build.


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    Sep 28 2012: I think lawyers will dislike you :)

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