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human specialists call center and portal that will replace the existing computer based search engines and that gives you qualified answers

The idea is to replace the resource wasting search engines from now days from the point of view of the one who try to find something as fast as can and also the resource wasting of a lot of computer based search engines. The goal of the human specialists network is to replace the way we think is better to find an information now days, via computer search engines and the lack of some people to formulate a question in the manner they are understood best by computer based search engines so to find the answer fast and the best enough to fulfill the informational needs of the searcher. The idea is to form a human specialists network in a call center and portal that will answer any question at any time in day in real time without wasting time to search the best answer for your question. Is like you will have the genius friend in your mobile that will answer and talk to you anytime you want and about anything you want. A real friend always answering and talking to you even if you do not know her him. A great way to improve personaly and beeing part of a great network of friends and a good way to fix your knowledge and also diseminate with the others the information you have. Can be also a paid service if you request a professional member of the network so you will pay for a consulting session in any domain you need. And we can give paid consultancy to companies later and sustain the network and improve the skills and knowledge of the members. Also a funny way of spending time helping the others to improve.

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    Oct 12 2012: You make a point, and we need to tackle this. This first phase is googles; It was/is googles mission to make all information available. Words and numbers connected but not yet in-formation.

    Your proposal to have humans come up with better answers I agree, Wikipedia is a good 'practice' on things are on 'stock', geography, history, thoughts. The second phase. Use technology to get what we know shareable structurally.

    The third phase is starting now. And your network is needed for that. Yahoo answers gives answers, but the investment to create an answer is bigger than the questioner values. For corporations there are the business 'intelligists' and data journalists to come up with on demand answers.

    Crowd sourcing commodity intelligence is the start, what needs to get organized fast, let me know if you plan something in Campina.
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      Oct 12 2012: Thank you for understanding. Here is a huge need of cooperation between people because a lot of them are qualified but they are left aside because of the bureaucracy and because we come from a closed old communist system that had a lot of good points in social protection of families until other smarter and bad intentioned capitalist gained power and started to exploit the system. We started to gather in teams and we would like now to have more people spreading the idea as to see if it is of a good future for as many as it can be.
      We try now to find a call center that can offer this service to try it and than pay the service from consultancy that we will offer for companies that will want our expertise. We would like software programmers to join the team and help us with the presentation and acces portal to be available as fast as we can. If you would like to be part of a start of a new way of business please contribute and you will be one of the initiators of a new way in gaining knowledge and doing business (freely and naturally). You will be a "multidisciplinary specialized friend" - in my pocket - until we talk face to face. And you know I keep my money there but you do not see them :) hahaha. Thanks.
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        Oct 12 2012: I understand the technocratic approach, as this sounds like business, also in my opinion. However I learned it is hard to take off if new knowledge+new format+new process is offered, it doesn't fit in company information need processes.

        So my question is, did you try something local, a company (small or big) is helped with knowlegde you gathered manually and presented to him/her manually?

        Next week I am back in Arad and planned to try something on the phases I mention.

        BTW; I once did a TEDconversation topic on 'can we take best from capitalism and socialism'. It is a hobby since 2003 I guess, being amazed how the West way was adopted and the East way 100% forgotten. More and more people I talk to in Romania wonder if they can combine best from two memories. It is only one generation who can, people between 25-65. I hope some people will start, somehow. Thanks for invite, keep me posted.
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          Oct 12 2012: As of your curiosity I have this idea from 2006 , 2007 to make exchange of goods and services and i did not evan read about barter in any book. I just imagined how we can satisfy the needs of a group without get from that group much than they can produce so the group in their region is naturally satisfied but also naturally productive and share what they have with other groups that do not have. This way the region is not exploited and the people are happier and happier because they have fulfilled their needs and also can help the others.
          I was very happy when i saw an interview on one of our TV networks with a greek group that started this idea in 2009 and they are doing well and people are satisfied so why we can not do it? They call this social economy and i can give you the website link but is only in greek language.

          Yes we can have a better society because of this I just waited to learn and I was an outsider until few years ago when I started to think to a way to make happy all kind of people by just going down until i reached a common way to make happy all of them. This way is the family happiness way and by not interfering with other ways of being happy from other families. You can have them united by let them have their culture and traditions and share them when they want with the others so the party is evan grater because there are lot of surprises around and because of diversity in the way we live our life.
  • Sep 28 2012: Very good This is the problem,but people run off correcting the computer mistakes before you have time to talk. I agree, but selling it is another issue. It is only through people that we can have a real dialogue.
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    Oct 13 2012: great to read you are also for a while into it, the idea is easy, it is about the time when people are happy with change. Guess it is about time.

    To all passing by readers, as this is a conversation; Anybody else wondering about how ideas/knowledge/goods can better circulate locally, improving the national/global system as a whole?
  • Sep 28 2012: Why have we been moving away from that?
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      Sep 28 2012: maybe becouse the fight to know more than others and loss of human sense of helping others to improve becouse of different reasons like lack of free time (work) so business invaded our lifes and continue now to eat our free time with computers and other things made for the only purpose to spare busy business people working time. If we continue like this the family will become a business and not the family business like business started.