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E-book or paperback?

This question really divides my friends - some just need the smell of the paper, some hate carrying around books weighting 6 tons. What do you think?

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      Sep 28 2012: Hey Ammar what do you think about Kindle? Its a wonderful product for the book lovers because eyes are not hurt at all because they used e ink and e paper and you can read in full sunlight.
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        Sep 28 2012: Its proved that Kindle don't hurt your eyes at all? sound good, can you upload any PDF files on it?

        Thanks in advance
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          Sep 28 2012: Yeah of course you can upload pdf files on it but the good formats for Kindle are epub and mobi which are better than pdf format. One thing more when buy a Kindle you will get an email account from Amazon through which you can get mobi format if you send them a book in pdf format.

          There are also a bunch of free softwares which convert different formats in each other with ease for more information please visit https://kindle.amazon.com/ and let me know if you need any help because I am using kindle from a long time. cheers!
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        Sep 28 2012: Thank you very much! you are a good man!

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