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What is the best way to doctors to improve and learn their skills?

There are many great doctors all around the world. They are trying hard to save many people. My future dream is doctor.
What do you think the best way to don't make dangerous mistakes? The talk "Brian Goldman: Doctors make mistakes. Can we talk about that?" said they should talk their mistakes.
What is the best way to improve the skills?

  • Oct 25 2012: we produce and are responsible for our health some do care most do nothing and then the medical system attempts to deal with the result of an improper life style and you think they need to improve? We are a lazy group a good question would be what created it...my guess a life time of domination sold as freedom feeding 1%
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    Sep 27 2012: They are called skills. As with any skill the only way to improve is to practice. Over and over again. Whether it is a musical instrument or surgery, it requires practice.

    As with playing music, some mistakes will happen in the process of becoming proficient. Even more practice is needed to become expert. At first you sit with a teacher as you learn music. Then you practice and continue to check your work with a teacher. When you are proficient, you can begin to practice music in a band or orchestra, meaning you can play most music on site but may occasionally still make mistakes with new pieces. When you are expert, you can pick up any music and play without errors. But you still need to practice to elicit the nuances of the music itself.

    I think the goal of medical school is to develop proficient practitioners. But some mistakes may happen on the way to expert.

    We are humans and that is how we learn.
    • Sep 28 2012: I prefer a doctor who has more dead patients, than a doctor who has no dead patients.
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    Sep 27 2012: The best way of learning after medical school is by learning from more experienced doctors, and by practicing what has been taught with discretion.
    There are cases that a doctor need not handle alone; sometimes consultation is important.
    Nobody is above mistake; but mistakes should not be as a result of carelessness or lack of focus.