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Advertising.......is it still worth the money ?

Today we are inundated with ads of any kind, form and shape. This brings up the question how efficient ads actually are. Do people still pay attention and if they do, do they act based on the ads ? Or are ads considered background noise or even worse, an annoyance ?
What kind of ads are the most likely to catch your attention ? As a consumer, how would you like a company to engage with you ?
Here a link to the best ads on TED: http://www.ted.com/aws

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    Apr 12 2011: The problem with advertising is that a lot of it is delivered to the wrong people who have no interest, and it is wasted. There is still a ton of work to be done in advertising about where, when, how, and to whom you should advertise. A lot of this can be done by understanding how your consumers think, and making more sense of how certain products appeal the the same audience, and advertise them together.

    A lot of money has been spent to try and figure this out, but in my opinion, the people spearheading the efforts to do so arent very bright, and havent made much progress. If i could offer my own personal 2 cents on the topic, they could start by realizing that consumers are dynamic, and by the time they do a study on 20 year olds this year, that is obsolete information about what 20 year olds next year will like. Current advertisers are making big mistakes by spending a lot of money to "figure out" what 20 year old white males like, and then they think they are done, and use the same information for add campaigns 5 or 6 years later, and then after wonder why it didnt work.

    Think locally, and ask questions constantly to evolve your message to match your consumers. Most of this is actually done via word of mouth.To answer your question~ yes it is worth the money. But only if you use your head. A local expert would be very valuable to work with while you draw up your ideas for your add campaign. A lot of this is common sense, if you want to sell something to 25 year old females from monterrey, get some smart (and socially involved) 25 year old females from monterrey to help you advertise. (or at least tell your marketting department to do so.)

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