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Advertising.......is it still worth the money ?

Today we are inundated with ads of any kind, form and shape. This brings up the question how efficient ads actually are. Do people still pay attention and if they do, do they act based on the ads ? Or are ads considered background noise or even worse, an annoyance ?
What kind of ads are the most likely to catch your attention ? As a consumer, how would you like a company to engage with you ?
Here a link to the best ads on TED: http://www.ted.com/aws

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    Apr 6 2011: Advertising is the art of getting an keeping attention, which is essentially good story-telling. Its a shame that most of our story telling is done on behalf of large corporations, but is that really any better than telling stories for kings? There's more bad youtube videos than good, which means not everyone is good a story-telling. But the best paying jobs for good story-tellers are in Advertising.

    Its no wonder we have so many ads, humans love stories, but it blows my mind how much money is put behind fundamentally boring narratives.

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