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Advertising.......is it still worth the money ?

Today we are inundated with ads of any kind, form and shape. This brings up the question how efficient ads actually are. Do people still pay attention and if they do, do they act based on the ads ? Or are ads considered background noise or even worse, an annoyance ?
What kind of ads are the most likely to catch your attention ? As a consumer, how would you like a company to engage with you ?
Here a link to the best ads on TED: http://www.ted.com/aws

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    Apr 1 2011: This is a very open ended question. Ads are all based on perception and state of mind. for example if you are hungry you are far more likely to see an ad that advertises a £5 meal deal. Where as if you are in a rush to a meeting you would pass by these adverts without diverting your attention.
    Its all about placing the ads at the right time and in the right place to have the most impact. A business needs to ensure that they target their correct target market through their advertisements to help ensure that they are relevant and not an annoyance. A good example is TV. TV is a very costly form of advertising that in my opinion is losing momentum as a form of advertising. The target market when viewing TV is so broad and with so many channels it can be difficult in targeting the correct market.
    Attention can be drawn to an advert my making it stand out. may this be the colours, sounds etc. But interest can only be developed if a consumer would use or would purchase the product that is being advertised.

    So in short if a consumer is interested in a product or is conducting an information search on the product they will tend to notice the advert more (for the life of me I cant remember the term for this) So it is up to the advertiser to ensure they do it in the right way at the right time and in the right place.

    Hope this helps

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