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Advertising.......is it still worth the money ?

Today we are inundated with ads of any kind, form and shape. This brings up the question how efficient ads actually are. Do people still pay attention and if they do, do they act based on the ads ? Or are ads considered background noise or even worse, an annoyance ?
What kind of ads are the most likely to catch your attention ? As a consumer, how would you like a company to engage with you ?
Here a link to the best ads on TED: http://www.ted.com/aws

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  • Mar 25 2011: Recently I read an article about BMW's new commercial. The commercial flashes before moving on to the next. During that flash, though (which goes by unnoticed) the words BMW are imprinted on your eyesight if you close your eyes. (Same concept is behind seeing purple spots after staring at the sun). BMW claims its not subliminal messaging because you are aware you are watching a BMW commercial. Anyway, they said it wouldn't be run in the U.S.A.

    As far as efficiency goes, a lot of the best commercials don't even advertise the product. A string of recent Geico commercials will prove this. They are short clips about idioms such as "A woodchuck chucking wood" and "A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush". Completely irrelevant to car insurance, of course, but so long as the prospective commercial remembers the commercial, they're good. Other advertisements will at least feature the product but will do so only outrageously (see doritos commercial with the pug played during the superbowl).

    In Chicago (I believe) anonymous people began putting up huge posters with an image of a white cane with an entwined snake on a black background. No words, just the image. More and more began popping up around the city, on benches in parks, in the subway. People begin wondering what they are. Then BAM! press release. It's advertising the new season of House - it's the snake from the caudexi which represents the medical committee entwined around the cane House limps around on. The whole city has no idea what's being advertised to them which makes the final reveal that much more powerful.

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