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Advertising.......is it still worth the money ?

Today we are inundated with ads of any kind, form and shape. This brings up the question how efficient ads actually are. Do people still pay attention and if they do, do they act based on the ads ? Or are ads considered background noise or even worse, an annoyance ?
What kind of ads are the most likely to catch your attention ? As a consumer, how would you like a company to engage with you ?
Here a link to the best ads on TED: http://www.ted.com/aws

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    Mar 23 2011: Advertising is a means of communication that tries to reach massive audience using mass communication tools.... SO advertising importance is determined by the target audience of its message. In today's world with the increase in audience mental standards and awareness advertising is faced with 2 main issues, 1st is to upgrade its techniques and message aspects to be able to address such mentalities, 2nd is to pick its media more smartly and pay much more attention to targeting its audience.....
    But as long as there is a competition there will always be advertising and its importance will never decrease

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