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TED is an unparalleled resource that just might be enlisted to tip the human future condition into, certainly, a more promising direction.

The human species, and the ecosphere in which it is embedded, and cannot survive without, could be favorably affected if the immense potential of TED's intellectual audience were enlisted to rigorously work on our outstanding dangers.
This will require somethings new to TED's public utterance process. Filters, for sensibility, realizability, and relative importance must be instituted on those proposals,
The TED contributors here can have a shot at specifying what these necessary alterations can be, and then TED management will have the decision to do it in front of them.

  • Sep 28 2012: When I was in college, we had honors lectures out of our chosen fields. That is a very rewarding way of learning. There would also be lectures available by some traveling great mind at college (or as our British friends might say - at University) Ted does this,PBS does this, and NPR does this. So do a few other things. To learn outside our personal limited World can only be a good thing.
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    Sep 26 2012: I would say that this comes from your ego and not your mind if you don't challenge the world and current structure of the world around you we will never advance off this rock or out of our solar system. It sounds like you would be one of those people who would of imprisoned Galileo for saying that the earth revolved around the sun. For that was an ego argument not a scientific argument for imprisonment. I think it's because you see science and math as an absolute.
    • Sep 28 2012: Casey, What I am suggesting here actually is that interested people (like you, too) apply their forward thinking to solving the world's problems.I do not intend to define those problems for them, I am saying: "Hope for the Best, but prepare against the Worst." That wise aphorism is from long ago, and I believe it will always be good advice in preparing for an unknown future.