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What is your example of an existing public space that sounds remarkably great for its purpose and that we can hopefully see on the internet?

Perhaps for time, this talk lacked "visual" examples of what successful sound space "looks" like. And since your replies here will lack pictures, feel free to include names and even web addresses that we can find and see elsewhere on the internet (Google/Bing Images).

  • Sep 26 2012: Modern vehicle interiors like the Honda Odyssey minivan (not so 'public') tend to do a great job at reducing ambient and engine noise which encourages both calm conversation and calm (safe) driving... until the kids start ear-piercing screaming at each other!

    I also see a lot of these along noisy highways accompanied by tall trees. They really work to make a noisy road acoustically disappear!

    Feel free to post BAD examples too!
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    Sep 26 2012: I love the sounds of parks, of the campus of my son's school, and also of the public market. But I live in kind of a little city rather than a huge, bustling place where one needs serious respite from normal neighborhood noises.

    The challenge of what a city or neighborhood most needs depends on what it already has.