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Why is Marijuana Illegal?

Marijuana poses less of a threat than cigarettes do... So.... Why is it illegal?


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    Sep 29 2012: When something is Legal or Illegal, its because its financially beneficial (for a select few)to be so,
    Reason and logic don't come into it.

    As its already been said, a legalization of Marijuana would vastly effect:
    Big Pharma
    Private Prisons
    among others, and all of which have Lobbyists to make sure it won't be legalized.
    • Oct 3 2012: Do you have any sources on this, I am currently searching for strong sources proving that these companies find it in their advantage to lobby against legalization?
      • Oct 11 2012: The only source you really need is to look into and to get familiar with our current socioeconomic system. The monetary system requires cyclical consumption and this, naturally, incentivize corporations and companies to limit or even eliminate natural resources such as hemp, which historically was abundant, to keep price up on inefficient materials which they have a private interest in. And because hemp can be used to so many things like making plastic, building houses and cure illness, there is private interests to diminish that in order to gain profit for their own product.

        If there is an abundance of something, people will not pay for it and that's bad news for corporations and our monetary system in general.

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