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Why is Marijuana Illegal?

Marijuana poses less of a threat than cigarettes do... So.... Why is it illegal?


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  • Sep 29 2012: There is also some things that your overlooking one of which is the logging industry. At the turn of the last century it was the logging industry that pushed to make “hemp” illegal because the surplus of timber. They coulden't compete with hemp for making paper because hemp has 10 times the pulp that wood has. But if hemp is legal its a open market for the loggers and still is!.

    Also “hemp” is made from the male of the species which has no THC or next to none

    also deaths from cigarettes is not near as many as it is reported that there is. Death from cigarettes is a category that they use in the morgue. If someone dies from cancer or lung problems and it is reported that they ever smoked then they categorize it as death due to smoking forgetting the maybe that he worked with insulation or had asbestos in his house that was under high power lines.

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