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Why is Marijuana Illegal?

Marijuana poses less of a threat than cigarettes do... So.... Why is it illegal?


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    Sep 29 2012: The reason cannabis was made illegal was to dumb down the military. A small number of THIRD-PARTY (not actual US Government) folk are moving opium though hospitals and war zones TO THIS DAY. This is a conflict of interest that was not conceived, but here's the actual historical flow:
    1. The villains made cannabis illegal the very same day they made THEIR opium illegal AND THEN
    2. They created the FBI with a rule that no agent is ever to have used cannabis (someone at DEA had to fight tooth and nail to get cannabis labeled a hypnotic because it awakens the mind's eye) AND THEN
    3. They ran Manchurian Candidate Project on the US Marine Corps to frighten an uneducated public so they could get policies in place so neither police nor military could use these best innate abilities AND THEN
    4. They created the US Department of Education to set hypnosis only to the most Ph.D. levels of study in psychology, never revealing that it is a COMMUNICATIONS FIELD through and through AND THEN
    5. They ran Stargate in the 80's to make remote viewing look like a NEW discovery.

    THIS IS COMPUTER GAME DESIGN LOGISTICS IN SPACE-TIME. I am an expert in this stuff, and these are not conducive logistics for the PROTECTION OF THE UNITED STATES.

    Please check out my profile for more data.
    (Edited from original as I was informed original violated TED.com Terms of Use ")

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