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Why not pay doctors after getting rid of disease...?

I was just that we should pay the fees of doctors after getting rid of disease or feeling better than before it will reduce the wrong diagnoses and doctors will pay more attention.


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  • Sep 29 2012: a good start to discuss this economic burden!
    I understand, that in the old China a doctors was paid when his patients stayed well. wo he was interested in their life style, nutrition, family issues, home environment etc - he was actually more a health teacher.
    in our economic environment there are not many people interested in us being healthy. Doctors, pharma industry, drugstores, health insurance companies all get rich when we are of poor health ;-)
    self responsibiity is the answer, i'm sure....
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      Sep 30 2012: Yeah Christina you are right that why a doctor will care us because if we are sick then his account will be credited with the money.

      I remember that my auntie got kidney transplantation but that was a failure due to doctors (I do believe) which cost her life. We just lost her but there was no loss of doctors because they already have received the money so I think ancient times should be come back and doctors should feel more responsibility.

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