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Executive Director/alchemist/curator, Park City Performing Arts Foundation


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Are there other presenters of the arts who find TED a complete inspiration?

Each year I am inspired by the E of the TED equation. This year we are presentling Quixotic, Anna Deavre Smith, Sarah Watkins, Ethyl, Paula Poundstone and Todd Rundgren (among others)...

I am constantly amazed by the talent TED finds first. We have also presented Nellie McKay, Jill Sobule and Julie Sweeney, John Doe. I like to think I would have discovered all of these talents on my own, but many were introduced to me through TED... How 'bout you ?


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    Oct 7 2012: The knots are always what make the string interesting. Give it texture. I have always loved the anology of the tapestry...beautiful art on the front and a bunch of knotted, tangled strings on the back that look like a mess.

    If we had someone allow us to see how the messy side created the beauty we would have a powerful TED talk I suspect. Kinda like Brene Brown set to music, or dance...Or a reveal ,really, of say Anna Deavre Smith, or Jason Marz. Or not only the stunning performance last year of Quixotic but the choregrapher who created that magic.

    A girl can dream....

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