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Are there other presenters of the arts who find TED a complete inspiration?

Each year I am inspired by the E of the TED equation. This year we are presentling Quixotic, Anna Deavre Smith, Sarah Watkins, Ethyl, Paula Poundstone and Todd Rundgren (among others)...

I am constantly amazed by the talent TED finds first. We have also presented Nellie McKay, Jill Sobule and Julie Sweeney, John Doe. I like to think I would have discovered all of these talents on my own, but many were introduced to me through TED... How 'bout you ?


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    Oct 7 2012: Wow. That could be a great unravel....then the next layer of people could talk about who inspired them and then.....
    • Oct 7 2012: There is also a generation of artists that performed in the 60's and 70's that have changed the world with their work. For example, someone like Bob Dylan might have some pretty interesting things to say to young artists about how to communicate an intended message in a manner that made people want to stop and listen. With Dylan, you get to speak to a person that has written, performed, collaborated, listened, motivated, inspired, and survived the insanity.

      I do not know the man, but I have to believe that at some point in his life he would like to transfer some of that knowledge to future artists directly. Perhaps a TED talk where he was given a few questions that might be good 'soup starters" and then just relayed lessons about how to inspire and thrive as an artist for 50 years.

      Call me selfish, but I would have to leave a guitar on stage just in case....

      Relative to unraveling though, it might be a long string with a few knots...

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