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Executive Director/alchemist/curator, Park City Performing Arts Foundation


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Are there other presenters of the arts who find TED a complete inspiration?

Each year I am inspired by the E of the TED equation. This year we are presentling Quixotic, Anna Deavre Smith, Sarah Watkins, Ethyl, Paula Poundstone and Todd Rundgren (among others)...

I am constantly amazed by the talent TED finds first. We have also presented Nellie McKay, Jill Sobule and Julie Sweeney, John Doe. I like to think I would have discovered all of these talents on my own, but many were introduced to me through TED... How 'bout you ?


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    Oct 1 2012: TEDTalks have become a ritual in our company. We actively search out ones that interest us, in varying fields, and then share them with the other members. Then the community discussions online became an extension of that.

    I'm in the arts and have been inspired by the artists chosen for the talks. I have not 'discovered' an artist yet via TEDTalks that I had not already experienced. But what really intrigues me is what the artists chose to speak of about their art and process. The constraint of 20 minutes (or 3 in Derek Silvers' case) is wonderfully revealing.

    I am also inspired by those that use the arts to express complex materials - like John Bohannon & Balck Label Movement in the Dance Your PhD TEDxBrussels.

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